Marital Problems

The field of marriage and family therapy has evolved rapidly.

The approach used at the Center for Problem Solving uses state-of-the-art methods and interventions to improve marital or "significant other" relationships.

There are certain signs and symptoms that indicate that a marriage is troubled. These are some of the warning signs that may indicate a consultation with a psychologist is needed:

  • Arguments and conflicts never seem to lead to resolution
  • You and your partner don’t understand each other the way you used to
  • Children seem to have greater power and influence than they should
  • Sexual desire, romance and passion are gone or greatly diminished
  • You feel indifferent toward your partner
  • You don’t feel like sharing inner thoughts and feelings with your partner (or they with you)
  • Affection is diminished and/or withheld
  • You keep looking for and emphasizing all the negative aspects of the relationship
  • Fun, excitement, laughter and spontaneity seem to have disappeared when you are together
  • You feel more comfortable when at work than at home
  • You suspect or just discovered your partner is having an affair
  • Promises made to or by your partner are not often kept
  • You are afraid to discuss difficult issues with your partner
  • One person seems to make all the important decisions
  • Your partner seems more concerned about his or her family of origin than his or her immediate family
  • You and your partner disagree about the use of birth control and/or whether or not to have (more) children

Seeking professional help can improve the quality of your life more quickly than you might have thought. Although each couple is different, and the number of sessions needed for long lasting improvement cannot be predicted, positive change can happen more quickly than you might have thought possible. The sooner that you seek help, the sooner you can get your marriage back on track.

You Can Feel Better Quicker Than You Think!

Problems just seem to happen at the worst times, and go on forever. But it doesn't have to be this way anymore.

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