We are committed to protecting your privacy both during and after your therapy.

Therapists are bound by certain ethical and legal requirements regarding confidentiality.

As a general rule, therapists are unable to disclose information that they learn in a therapy session to others unless there is a signed “release of information.” Neither your employer nor your insurer will be provided any information unless you specifically request its disclosure. Your insurance company may ask you to sign a release of information so that they can assess the need for treatment. No information can be released to the insurance company without this signed release. Whether you choose to involve your insurance company is entirely up to you. If you do, we will gladly furnish them with whatever information you authorize us to disclose. We are, however, non-participating providers, which means that your insurance policy would need to have “out of network” coverage for you to receive any reimbursement at all.


There are some situations, however, in which we are unable to maintain confidentiality as a matter of law. If someone is a danger to themselves or others, and this is a serious concern, we have an obligation to protect the safety of others. There are also some specialized circumstances involving litigation during which we may not be able to maintain the confidentiality of our records. As a general matter, we are unable to even confirm or deny that you are a patient being treated without a signed release. For a more detailed discussion of confidentiality issues, please see the “Confidentiality Agreement.”


The location of the Center for Problem Solving is in a secluded residential setting with off-street parking which helps to protect your privacy.


If you have any questions about these matters, we will be pleased to answer them at any point.

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